Enhance your Fan Club with awesome stuff from our partners.


Enhance your Fan Club with awesome stuff from our partners.


Guest Reviews

Capture feedback and reviews before customers leave your property.

Track feedback in real-time so you can take action quickly. Put positive reviews on your website and Facebook page to attract more Fan Club members and customers.

Provided by Mobikon.



Switch to a digital menu to reduce wait time and increase average spend.

Customers can browse your menu, see daily special orders, order their food and ask for the bill with just one click. Save wait time, improve productivity and increase average spend.

Provided by Mobikon.


Table Reservations

A one-stop solution for on-line/walk-in bookings, at your fingertips.

Real-time table management dashboard provides an easy view of tables that are free and occupied. Tempt first time or repeat customers with special offers to attract more business. Know your customers' preferences and wow them.

Provided by Mobikon.

BST Mobile Takeaway.jpg


Simple mobile takeaway app for Fan Club members to view, order and collect their food.

Fan Club members can view your menu, order, and pay, all via your own customised Takeaway app. Customers can save their 'Order History' and 'Favourites' to make re-ordering quick and easy.

Provided by BSTMobile.