Social WiFi provider NGAGE Digital (Los Angeles) has become the exclusive North American distributor of a patented social loyalty solution provided by Taggo (Singapore). Customers “Like” a retail shop or restaurant’s Facebook page to enjoy free WiFi access. When they pay, they give their mobile number to the cashier to unlock special offers exclusive to fans. Businesses get more fans, more word of mouth and detailed analytics that track behavior from the moment customers access WiFi to the moment they transact at the point of sale.

Free WiFi has become a must have for 77% of small businesses in the US (source: IGR and Devicescape). The NGAGE WiFi solution uses Facebook to login instead of a password, giving businesses a simple way to use their complimentary WiFi service to convert customers to fans and develop deeper relationships. Mobile number verification at the point of sale closes the loop, making it easy for fans to enjoy exclusive promotions simply by giving their mobile number to the cashier.

Taggo’s patented technology allows cashiers to instantly see that the customer is a fan of the business, while at the same time automatically creating a check-in on Facebook. Local businesses using Taggo’s platform in Asia are reporting up to 5 times increase in repeat sales, 7 times increase in fan acquisition rates and 10 times increase in word of mouth coverage.

“Fan Clubs are a natural extension of our guest WiFi marketing software,” said Dan League, CMO at NGAGE. “In addition to the rich analytical information about the customers, businesses can segment their data for effective social engagement and re-targeting opportunities.  Both platforms allow businesses to reach new customers, expand awareness and grow revenues which can be specifically attributed to Facebook fans.  Through our partnership with Taggo, we hope to add value for WiFi providers and their customers. Utilizing both products delivers valuable information to help implement a profitable, end-to-end customer communication process without the need for a large marketing budget. “

“The loyalty industry globally is focused on points, cash back and electronic punch card apps, in other words the mechanics of marketing,” said Aneace Haddad, founder and CEO of Taggo. “We see an opportunity with social media to rebuild loyalty from the ground up, focusing first on relationships. Bringing free WiFi into the loyalty space is a no brainer.”

This partnership is part of a growing, global trend towards in-store social engagement. Businesses are seeking ways to leverage their social media profile and spend less on traditional marketing. After chasing “Likes” with games, surveys and other online activities, businesses now want to know who these people are and how to turn them into loyal customers.

About Taggo
Taggo’s cloud-based marketing platform drives sales by turning customers into loyal fans. Taggo turns Facebook fan pages into sales generating fan clubs. Our technology uses a simple, patented method to add loyalty club features to existing Facebook Pages. Merchants get more fans, more word of mouth advertising and more repeat business. Visit

About NGAGE Digital
NGAGE WiFi helps businesses drive more sales by utilizing their WiFi.  Using social media authentication which meets all legal requirements, businesses can promote their brand to in-store customers.  Real-time analytics provide deep insight into customer behavior to implement effective campaigns, while improving awareness and enhancing the customer experience.  Visit