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What's happening at Taggo.


What's happening at Taggo.

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Social WiFi provider NGAGE Digital (Los Angeles) has become the exclusive North American distributor of a patented social loyalty solution provided by Taggo (Singapore). Customers “Like” a retail shop or restaurant’s Facebook page to enjoy free WiFi access. When they pay, they give their mobile number to the cashier to unlock special offers exclusive to fans. Businesses get more fans, more word of mouth and detailed analytics that track behavior from the moment customers access WiFi to the moment they transact at the point of sale.

Taggo's POS check-in application shows the customer's Fan Club membership status and number of visits. This makes it easy for the cashier to know whether or not the customer is entitled to a Fan Club benefit.

What do loyalty programs have in common with digital cameras, MP3 players and web sites?

Traditional loyalty programs are expensive, heavy, and ripe for disruption. Social media can help blow away existing paradigms and replace them with simple, inexpensive “Fan Clubs”.

"Without the Fan Club, I would have to spend money on other types of marketing which are more expensive and don't encourage repeat business. I expect that sales would be dramatically lower if not for our Fan Club." (Restaurant owner)

In the social media fueled rush to accumulate Facebook fans, many businesses and organizations had not invested much thought into what the value of a virtual fan of their Facebook page is and how it benefits their business.

Taggo Pte Ltd, a Singapore startup offering a marketing platform that helps merchants increase sales by turning their Facebook pages into loyalty program Fan Clubs, announced that it has closed a Series A round led by Jungle Ventures and SPRING SEEDS Capital.

A recent customer survey shows how Fan Clubs encourage increased spending and frequency of visits. The survey also shows that customers find Fan Clubs to be a convenient way to enjoy loyalty benefits.

Merchant funded deals have become an important credit card feature. The challenge is to negotiate more and better deals in a crowded market where major banks and now even payment brands are actively sourcing for deals. Fan clubs provide a fresh, new way for banks and payment brands to get merchant funded deals for their cardholders.