1. Social WiFi and Promotions

Most businesses offer special deals, discounts and promotions to anyone who walks in the door. Many are now offering free WiFi as well. Here is a simple way to get a bigger BANG for your marketing investment. Give your promotions and free WiFi exclusively to customers who like you on Facebook. We provide an easy way for customers to access Wifi with their Facebook profile, and an easy way for you to recognize fans at the point of sale, simply with a mobile number. In-store social engagement pulls everything together in a simple, powerful solution that helps you grow your business.


2. Make it easy to join

Display your Fan Club offer and registration site URL in as many places as possible to make it easy for customers to join. Successful restaurants place an A5 poster on tabletops. We will provide you the digital poster customised for your Fan Club. Many businesses also place an A1 poster at the entrance. Don’t forget to promote your registration site on your fan page - send customers to JoinFanClub.com/pagename using your Facebook page name. Click on the video to see more.


3. "Are you a Fan Club member?"

Always ask customers if they are a Fan Club member. This is a great opportunity to talk about your Fan Club benefit, deepen your relationship with the customer and up-sell. Ask for the member’s mobile number and enter it at the Fan Club POS check-in website (FanClubPOS.com/pagename using your Facebook page name). This creates a wall post promoting your brand to the customer’s friends. At the same time, data is captured so that you know more about buying behaviour. Click on the video to see more.


4. Give fans your best offers

Successful businesses give their best offers to Fan Club members. Simple offers work best, with the least amount of terms and conditions. If you already give credit card promotions, replace your best current offer with a Fan Club offer. You will spend the same amount but get more value in return. Unlike traditional credit card offers, a Fan Club will get you more fans, free word of mouth advertising, and CRM data.


5. Raise prices without losing customers

Costs of doing business keep going up. At some point, your prices need to go up too. But the fear of losing customers can be absolutely paralysing. Here is a simple way to keep customers happy. When you raise prices, just let Fan Club members continue paying the old price. You get more revenue from customers who are less price sensitive, and you get a big boost in social engagement and word of mouth, every time a fan transacts at your point of sale.


6. Share your passion

You love what you do. Share that passion with frequent photo posts of your products. Once you get lots of customers to become fans, these posts will reach a large number of customers who will be encouraged to come back sooner and more often. A small increase in repeat visits can have a significant impact on profits. See how Rock and Ash dramatically increased revenue from repeat customers.



You don't need a loyalty program anymore, just use your Fan Club. No more membership forms and no more cards. Your Fan Club helps to convert lots of customers into fans, so that whatever you’re already doing on Facebook has a higher chance of getting customers to come back. Now isn’t that what loyalty is supposed to be about?


8. Get customers hooked

The most successful tech products are designed to be addictive. Users don’t get hooked by accident. Here is how you can use the same mechanism, to get customers hooked to YOUR brand.

Tech companies use a 4 step process: A TRIGGER (1) ... causing the customer to take ACTION (2) … sometimes resulting in an unexpected BONUS (3). The customer is asked to INVEST (4) a bit of work, which sets off another round through the cycle. This process causes a surge of oxytocin and dopamine, powerful substances that fuel our addictions.

This process is described in detail in Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal.


Make sure you read our T&Cs for businesses. Using the Fan Club service implies your agreement.

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